Sus piezas invitan a expandir las relaciones con los otros y a un intercambio entre diversas disciplinas. Por medio de una mirada viva a la sociedad y a los procesos creativos con distintos colectivos; genera piezas que hablan sobre diversidad, naturaleza, fronteras y relaciones humanas.

Colombian artist from Bogotá, now based in Spain. Her art, characterized by a minimalist and whimsical style, balances rawness and delicacy. She explores the intersection of contemporary art with diverse disciplines, emphasizing interchange as the core of her creative approach.

Selected Works

Migrantes e ilegales

Botanical embroidery.

Drawing Journal

The act of drawing as a means to narrate performance, art, literature, politics, and various subjective realities.

Drawing Buffet

Digesting Existence One Drawing at a Time.


We are not trees; we can root ourselves in many places.

Retratos domésticos

Houses, tables, chairs, stairs, and branches emerge from the material, engaging in a dialogue between a sense of identity and the familiarity of domestic objects.

Hablar con las plantas para llegar a un paisaje

Pieza escénica para entorno natural.